Workplace Bullying Resources Inc.

Workplace Bullying Resources Inc.’s mission is to train and educate about workplace bullying and, by doing so, to help create workplaces that maintain integrity and cultures of positive employee engagement.

Workplace bullying is an ongoing concern for countless employers throughout the United States, as well as for the victims who have suffered abusive conduct in their workplaces. Workplace Bullying Resources Inc. offers comprehensive training for employees of all levels, supervisors, senior managers, human resources professionals, in-house counsel and boards of directors, among others. This training is intended to be educational and informative; it is an essential resource for employers seeking to foster respect in their workplaces.

Workplace Bullying Resources Inc. also offers consulting for employers on evaluating their workplaces for and methods to eradicate workplace bullying.

Sharon Parella, Esq.

The training and consulting services are conducted by Sharon Parella, Esq., an employment lawyer who has been widely recognized for her work and training in the area of workplace bullying and who has trained employees on sexual harassment and anti-discrimination for more than two decades.

Throughout her career, Ms. Parella has dedicated herself to training employees at all levels and in a broad range of professions. She is a sought after speaker, and has been on the forefront of the issues relating to workplace bullying. She is also the founder of Parella Firm P.C., an employment law firm. Further details about Ms. Parella can be found at Press inquiries and inquiries from speakers’ bureaus should be directed to